psychological care for expats

While moving to Poland you may encounter numerous challenges. Apart from the demanding language, you also have to deal with other culture, customs and norms. How to cope with various traps and keep the joy of life? You can feel alone while your friends and family have stayed in another country. Making new acquaintances takes time. Things may not be simplified by stereotypes related to the country of your origin. It also happens in some stressful situations (like for e.x. moving to another country) the problems and disorders that the individual has already struggeled increase their intensivity.

Stressless offers therapy in French and English dedicated to people originating from various cultural backgrounds. I have experience of work in an international ennvironement, additionally I also  had an opportunity to study on  scholarship in France. During my studies I got acquainted with the issues of intercultural psychology and developed my knowledge during work.  I am aware of the challenges faced by modern expats who decide to leave their countries for employment or relationship reasons.