Stress, fear, difficulties in relationships, as well as emotions and mood changes that are difficult to understand may appear at any stage of your life. If you feel constricted by the lack of assertiveness or timidity, or if you find it difficult to build satisfactory and lasting relationships with others, psychotherapy may help you. During the meetings, I help in learning connections between one’s own emotions, thoughts, behaviour and events from the past. We search for answers to the questions about where the difficulties came from and what we can do to improve your well-being and quality of life.

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In my psychologist office named „Stressless”, I offer help with difficulties in handling stress and fear, emotional disorders and depressive disorders. I specialize in working with people who have difficulties in relationships with other people, low self-esteem, as well as with people experiencing violence. By conducting therapy  in Polish, English and French, I also actively support foreigners confronted with the problems of living abroad.

My psychologist office is located at Baśniowa 3/508 in Ochota (a district of Warsaw). I also offer online sessions. To schedule the date of your first psychological consultation, please visit the Contact tab.


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how can I help

I help adults and youth experiencing a personal and life crisis, struggling with low self-esteem or difficulties in relations with others. At my work, I follow the rules of ethics and confidentiality of my profession. The following describes the areas of help, but if the matter you are dealing with is not described below, please contact me. Together we will try to clarify whether psychotherapy can be a helpful tool for you.

depression treatment

If you face mood swings and self-esteem, increased fatigue,  concentration problems or sleep disturbances, it is likely possible that you are struggling with depression or other mood disorders. Depressive disorders are one of the most common diseases. Unfortunately, they are

anxiety treatment

Anxiety is a natural emotional state existing in everyday life. It might be a normal reaction to stressful situations and challenges. However, for some people sensitive individuals the state of anxiety lasts longer and is more severe. Extended anxiety and

work on self esteem

Who am I and what do I think about myself?  The answer to these two questions has the causative power to shape many aspects of life. You give it on a base of previous experiences and challenges. Let’s see if

relations therapy

Relations are one of the key areas of life. They are the source of both, satisfaction and strong tensions. Lack of significant relationships or, in contrary,  too strong connections may affect on perception of reality and self-esteem. Personality evolves in

help to victims of violence

Violence can occur in many forms, both physical and emotional. Each of them leaves a significant mark on  functioning and the personality of the victim. Long-term exposure to violence cause a sense of helplessness and loneliness.

psychological care for expats

While moving to Poland you may encounter numerous challenges. Apart from the demanding language, you also have to deal with other culture, customs and norms. How to cope with various traps and keep the joy of life? You can feel